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About Us

As the Allgemeine Fachschaftsliste (AlFa), we have been representing the interests of students in the Student Parliament (SP) and the General Student Committee (AStA) since 1971 – your interests!

Our members are dedicated students who are active in student councils, re-sidences and initiatives. The program of the AlFa is independent of political party affiliation and tailored to the needs of students. We regularly ask students what their wishes are and how we can improve university life. Our main goal is to advance student life and involve you in it!

How do we do that? With experience and enthusiasm. We advocate for your interests when interacting with the university and the faculties. We know how to address your issues and solve them.For the twelfth year in a row, the chairperson of your AStA and the head of the Department for Education and University Communication are appo-inted from our party. Likewise, the head of the Department of Finance and Organization, the head of the Department of Culture, many of the project managers, as well as the president of the Student Parliament are from our ranks. During the Corona pandemic, they helped to secure the free attempt regulation in Aachen and the financial aid programs for students. In the co-ming year, we would like to continue to help shape the life, learning and working at RWTH and to commit ourselves to sustainable development and a broad range of cultural offerings.

Your vote is important to us!

For all these reasons, send in your mail-in ballot and vote for the AlFa until July 12, 2021

The AlFa

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Our Goals

Keep the options of free attemptsInterdisciplinary courses in all fields ofstudy24-hour withdrawal deadline for examsImprove the digitization of teachingImprovement and optimization ofadvisory servicesEstablishing points of contact for student engagement and …

What we have accomplished for you:

Free attempts of all exams during theCovid-19 pandemic Prevented mandatory attendance oflectures Creation of the RWTH Offices forsustainability and student engagement The onboarding of (Covid-19 impacted)first-year students Daily updates since …